What will be the style we will have to prefer for our home interiors in the coming winter 2018? The 2017-2018 home furniture trends cover all the spaces without shutting down: from living room to kitchen, bathroom to bedrooms. There are plenty of items, furnishings and accessories that we can choose to fit in a context of style and trend.The furniture then, in retro and classic style, new vintage with clever antique and modern contaminations and classic but with a minimalist touch. Suggestive style combinations that will create original environments and loads of pathos.

The living area is the most lived space home and deserves the utmost attention. Many are the precautions to be taken into consideration to enrich the environment and make it livable full and perfect for us and in line with our style.

From the furnishings, the colors to the walls, the complements, to the paintings, everything will be at the top. And for the coming winter and the cold season 2017/2018 at the doors, it is good to update on the latest trends in the home.
For this winter, the colors to choose for the walls are those dark, strong and decisive, such as the intense blue, purple and green with a bit of black.

But do not worry if you are a lover of light colors: pure white will be perfect but beware, only if will approach complements and objects in vivid and bright colors. In addition, for the living area and in particular the living room, old style velvet armchairs and copper effect finishes for tables and chairs, or even ideal for traditional Italian furniture and style loads.

The material tendency will only be for neutral, natural and rough materials, perfectly in line with the classic style. Finally, another upcoming trend, the total black associated with natural light wood: perfect for the living area, is ideal for any other home environment, making it stylish and always chic!